Saturday, October 30, 2010

Short Review

Here's some knowledge I'd like to share:

Glitter wrapping paper: super cute - SUPER messy.

Word to the wise, stay away!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Christmas in October? You Bet!

I made my weekly trip to tar-zahy yesterday and picked up some extra Halloween Candy (because let's face it, I only buy the good stuff to pass out to trick-or-treaters which usually means we've gobbled it all up well before Halloween rolls around. oops!). While I was roaming around in the Halloween section I stumbled upon row after row after row of Christmas stuff. Seriously? Christmas stuff out in October? But then as I roamed a little more I actually started getting into the holiday spirit. Which is great considering I'm already starting making a few holiday decorations.

And then, BAM! This morning I get an e-mail from Shutterfly with an offer for 50 free Holiday Cards! YES PLEASE!!! Talk about an awesome early Christmas gift for me!!! I've used Shutterfly plenty of times in the past (wedding album(s)), but I've never bought any of their cards before. The photo books I've bought were awesome, so their cards must be awesome too right!?!
Considering last year I made all of our Christmas cards, I think I may have gotten a little too excited about not having to make them all again this year! So I started checking out what Shutterfly had to offer, and attempted to select my favorites. Impossible! I think I ended up with at least 30 favorite holiday cards, but I'll share just a few of them. Here's a link to their holiday cards and stationary if you'd like to browse through and pick out your favorites.
Get ready for TONS of pictures.
This one jumped right out at me. I love it for the non traditional holiday colors - it's so hip and modern!

[Hip and Happy]

Love the pastel ornaments. For some reason this one reminds me of a beautiful snow shower.

[Dazzle and Sparkle]

Here's a more traditional looking card. It's classic, and modern at the same time. And I love that it's a card so you have the option of writing a personalized note to the lucky recipient.

This one might be my favorite. It's simple and clean. It includes the year, a simple sentiment, a large picture, and it comes in a folded card. Winner in my book!

But wait, there's more! Lets face it, the Holidays are always super busy, and sometimes sending out cards gets pushed back till the last minute. So why not send out New Years cards instead? Brilliant! I'm diggin this one - so bright and happy!

[Happy 2011 Damask New Year's]

Oh boy. The possibilities are endless - thanksgiving cards, thank you cards, wait - christmas gift tags!!! I must have spent an hour on Shutterfly's website this morning. I did notice that Shutterfly was having a sale - 25% off on cards when you buy 50 or more till 11/3. I'm always up for a good deal or discount!
Disclosure Statement:
This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly. Participating bloggers are reviewing the new Shutterfly cards and sharing their favorites, and have been compensated with coupon codes for 50 free cards.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Busy Little Crafting Bee...

I swear I must have at least 10 projects going on right now. Most are right smack-dab in the middle of completion; a few have only made it to the scribbles on a piece of paper phase. Call it crafting ADD if you'd like. But for now, this is one of the projects I've started and had to put on pause (1 - because I ran out of a key ingredient, and 2 - because my sweet niece's first birthday party is just around the corner and I promised I'd create a few decorations for the occasion).

What is this jumble of objects you might ask? Sequins, straight pins, glass beads, and a styrofoam cone. But you'll have to wait a few months to figure out what this one turns out to be! Just cross your fingers that it the final product is as awesome as the vision in my mind is.