Friday, January 22, 2010

Its a crazy life.

Wow - I am feeling like things have started to get a little crazy around here. I'm happy to report that while the hubs and I did drive all the way down to Columbia, SC to pick up the new lady in our lives, she did not in the end come home with us. Happy? you say....yes, happy we wasted an entire Saturday to not accomplish our goal. Instead, the new lady came from Greenville, NC! Man, I never knew this last minute decision to buy a new car would be such a difficult one. The dealership in Columbia wasn't willing to give us what DH and I thought we should get for our trade-in, so we ended up walking out. We weren't being unreasonable with the amount we had in mind, but $5,000 less than what we should have been able to get for the old lady was just ridiculous. Although the hubs thought he had been defeated, he didn't give up until he found us a new car. What a man. Going to Greenville turned out to be an awesome dealership trip, they gave us a great amount on our trade in, and a great price on the new car. I haven't taken any pictures of the new car, but hope to very soon.

In other news - I am officially allergic to a z-pack! YIKES! I've never been allergic to a single thing my entire life, not even the famous NC pollen during the spring. Basically, the hubs and I were sick with colds for pretty much the entire month of December. My cold (not his) decided to grace its presence in January with a lovely hacking cough and a stuffy nose. In came my doc to the rescue! Once I finished the z-pack I felt healthy again...finally. A few days later came a beautiful rash on my face, neck, and shoulders. Thanks z-pack. Even though I look like a 13 year old girl with a horrid case of acne, I am thankful it is cold outside and can wear a scarf around my neck to cover up the lovely rash. ugh.

The hubs and I are preparing for our trip to Cali next week. One of the many benefits of my job includes a semi-annual meeting in a different city. Because it's a work trip, Marshall and I are able to take a vacation for 1/2 the price. I get reimbursed for the hotel room, my plane ticket, meals, and other odds and ends. We just have to pay for the second plane ticket! I haven't done much preparation yet, but I'm hoping to hit up Petco Stadium (even though we're not Padres fans) and maybe Coronado island. My meeting is schedule for San Diego for the next 5 years, so we should have plenty of time to see all that Cali has to offer.

Hopefully this weekend I can share some paper crafting projects with you, after all that is one of the main reasons I started this blog. But for now, a pretty picture of the DH and I on our recent trip to France!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My first blog card challenge!

I have wanted to participate in a blog challenge ever since I stumbled upon one of my new favorite blogs, 'susiestampalot', and I'm finally doing it!!! I started making cards about a year ago when my little sister graduated from college in December and I couldn't find a single graduation card!! While roaming around target I stumbled upon some simple cardstock and a pack of letter stickers...lets just say it all went downhill from there. I haven't bought a single card since. I even made ALL, yes all of our christmas cards this year and no two were alike. Enough about history, more about my card and this card challenge.

I'm participating in The Cats Pajamas TCP Tuesday which challenges you to use three different colors, Kraft, Chocolate Brown, and Baby Blue. I love these three colors together! Pretty much all of the goodies I used came from my local craft store, I'm not lucky enough just yet to own any TCP stamps or paper.

Even though I actually did the challenge, I have to admit I'm a little too chicken to actually post my card to the challenge blog. First, because it's my very first card challenge, and second, because my card ended up looking very similar to one of the cards already posted to the challenge blog and my no certain terms do I want my first participation to look scraplifted. Ugh...maybe next time I'll grow some balls and really truly participate.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Road Trip!

A few weeks after my DH and I got married, we decided to trade in the ole' altima for a new look. We drove all the way out to Marion, NC to pick up the new lady in our lives and never regretted it. Why you ask did we drive all the way out to the mountains to pick up a new car when there are perfectly good car dealers right here in town? Well, because I can't drive a stick shift car, and in Marion was the closest dealer that had the car we wanted in an automatic. We ended up getting an awesome deal. The previous owners had the car for about a month and quickly realized that it was no easy task getting in and out of a Miata when you're pushing 60. The dealer also gave us a great deal on the altima. We made the most of the trip by driving a little farther down the road to Asheville to meet up with a college buddy of mine for a quick bite to eat. All in all it was a successful road trip.

Now, two years later we've decided to trade in the old gal for a new one. WHAT? Who in their right mind would get rid of a perfectly good, nothing wrong with (minus the fact that she needs new tires) 2007 Mazda Miata? I love that car. When the DH suggested we trade in the Miata for a new car I thought he was crazy. But, in tride and true fashion, he quickly showed me the light. For less than $20 a month more, I can get a brand new, better model Miata! Sign me up. So, bright and early tomorrow morning, the DH and I are headed to Columbia, SC to pick up the next new addition to the family. I'm very excited to be getting a new car and even more excited because we haven't told any of our friends about it! The new Miata is the exact same color as the old Miata, so it might take a while for our friends to notice. The DH has pretty much taken care of making sure we know everything we need to know before we go down there. We've never bought a car out of state before, so that might cause some confusion. He pretty much filled out the loan application for me, called the insurance company, and the DMV. All that's left is for me to call the loan company I use for the current Miata to figure out how the trade-in will all work, and to make sure I have the appropriate account information with me when we go down to SC.

Ahh...yet another exciting adventure!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I know, I know. The title says 'wordless' and I'm here typing words, but I at least have to explain the very first Wordless Wednesday or else the whole world will just sit there and go 'huh?'. Wordless Wednesday is where I'll share a photo and take a break from the jibber jabber. It could be a recent photo or an old photo, a silly photo or a photo that makes you sit and think. Either way Wednesdays are here-by dedicated to blog silence.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Years Resolution

Crazy, I know. I'm jumping in head first into the blogging world. What am I thinking?? I've actually wanted to do this for quite some time now, but always put it off till the next week, and the next week, and the next... Well not anymore! Here I hope to share a little of my life with the world, or whomever wants to read about it. My new found love for most things paper crafting, balancing my work life with my home life, and any other rambling thoughts that cross my mind on any given day. I once had someone tell me that if I wrote like I spoke I had a huge potential of becomming a famous writer. Ha, yea right, what was that guy smoking? Well, here goes nothing!