Friday, December 3, 2010

Sequin Tree

So I finally finished my first DIY Christmas decoration a few weeks ago that I started way back in October!!! It took entirely way too long, and I remember at some point telling the DH that this was the worst craft project ever (because of how long it was taking me). In the end, I think the time and very little $$ spent was well worth it!
It all started off with a styrofoam cone, straight pins, red sequins, and green glass beads. I did run out of straight pins (twice) which is probably the reason this project took 6 weeks to complete. Who knew I would use over 1500 straight pins to cover this small styrofoam cone!

The process was really quite simple. Take a straight pin, thread on one glass bead, one sequin, and stick the straight pin into the the cone. And then repeat about a million times. I made sure that each sequin I stuck into the tree slightly covered the sequin next to it, so that I wouldn't end up with the white styrofoam peaking through. Starting from the bottom, and going up helped ensure that I kept the sequins in a straight line making it easier to cover up all of the white styrofoam showing through. I guess I could have painted the cone red before I added the beads/sequins but in all honesty as soon as I brought home all the supplies for this project I was too eager to get it started and didn't even think about painting the cone!
Here is a picture of the tree almost completed. Once I got closer to the top of the cone, it became progressively more difficult to push each straight pin all the way into the cone because each pin was running into another pin already inserted into the cone. I would repeatedly have to stick the pin into the cone at different angles to get it to fit perfectly. I also decided to cover the top of the cone before I finished running my sequin rows all the way hoping that it would make covering the top easier.
Now my finished cone has a place of honor on our freshly decorated mantle! I love the way it sparkles and shines in the light, and matches my Christmas color theme of red and silver! Totally worth it!

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  1. So cute! This must have taken forever to make!!!!!!!! I don't think I would have the patience. It looks very expensive and classy!

  2. This is really pretty! Love it!

  3. It looks very classy and pretty - way to hang in there!

  4. I LOVE your tree!!! I know how time consuming something like that is!

    I JUST did a post last week about the ornaments my great grandmother used to make with sequins and straight pins!! They used to sell kits...but I can't find them anymore. :(