Friday, February 5, 2010

Gone Ribbon Crazy?

On a recent trip to my local Michael's store to pick up a few items for a craft project the DH is working on (yes, believe it or not Marshall is doing a craft although he'll never admit that it falls into the 'craft' category), I stumbled upon the clearance ribbon section. I swear those pretty spools were calling my name from across the store so I knew a few of them would have to come home with me. After spending a minute or two making sure I had identified all of the spools that were on clearance I started adding my favorites to my basket. For me, picking out ribbon in the store isn't an easy task. It seems as if I suddenly forget what colors I have in my stash at home while I'm in the store, yet every time I'm making a card and go to grab that perfectly matching spool of ribbon I'm baffled at the lack of variety I have. Therefore, every time I see a clearance section of ribbon I know I must take some home with me.

Once I was done adding my favorites to my basket I looked down to check out what I had picked out...what the...every single spool was a shade of pink or purple. Don't get me wrong, pink and purple are my two favorite colors, but talk about the lack of variety! I put all the yummy purples and pretty pink spools back and focused on colors I thought I was lacking at home since I was positive I had plenty of pink and purple. I ended up with two blue spools, a white and black spool, and a pretty deep pinky/purplish spool (it was too pretty to pass up). Fairly satisfied with my selections, the new spools came home with me.

This is what the majority of my ribbon stash looks like. See all the blue ribbon? What was I thinking??? Sure I have a decent supply of purple ribbon, but one spool of pink, green, and yellow? Come on! Why oh why did I put back those pretty pink spools? And why didn't I pick up some yellow or green spools. Ugh! Oh - and as an FYI - since I'm only a beginner and only make cards when there is an occasion that truly calls for a card, my stash of ribbon is no where near as extensive as some 'professional' card makers out there.

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise...I guess I'll just have to go back to Michael's and get some different colors. I think I need to take a complete inventory of what I have and keep it in my purse. That way, the next time I'm in Michael's and swear I'm lacking some good blue ribbon I'll know with out a doubt that there is no way the pretty blue ribbon should come home with me (unless it's crazy discounted since I can't pass up a good deal!). Does anyone else have this problem?

Talking about ribbon brings me to my next problem. I love the bin that my ribbon is currently being stored in. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for polka-dots. This bin that was on sale for $2.99 at Target had my name written all over it before I even knew what it's purpose would be. Now that I've been using it for a while, I've come to realize that it's no where near large enough for my ribbon collection. It would probably be best utilized for my stamp collection (which like my stash of ribbon's is growing larger and larger every time I just happen to run into that $1 bin at Michael's!).

But, if I were to start storing my stamps in my polka-dot bin I would need to find a new home for all of my pretty ribbon. I've been brainstorming about cheap storage ideas and searching the internet. These are some of the options I've found that I like....

Man these ladies have a lot of ribbon!!! The first picture is a dowel rod fixture, the second uses those wire racks most people use for spices in their pantry, and third picture is of all things metal gutters!!! I can't believe I'm complaining about my minor lack of organization for my tiny ribbon stash when comparing it to the three pictures above. But, after some research and careful budgetary consideration, I think I'll end up fashioning some sort of dowel rod to the desk I currently use for card making. Somehow I'll have to make sure the dowel rod can easily be removed from the desk so that I can add new spools and remove empty spools as needed. I also need to make sure that the dowel rod doesn't spin when I go to use a ribbon. I feel if the dowel rod were to spin when I was pulling out one ribbon, the spools next to it would end up spinning as well and I'd have to re-spool them. That's a project for on down the road, for the time being I'll just have to make do with my oh-so-cute polka dot storage bin!

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