Friday, January 8, 2010

Road Trip!

A few weeks after my DH and I got married, we decided to trade in the ole' altima for a new look. We drove all the way out to Marion, NC to pick up the new lady in our lives and never regretted it. Why you ask did we drive all the way out to the mountains to pick up a new car when there are perfectly good car dealers right here in town? Well, because I can't drive a stick shift car, and in Marion was the closest dealer that had the car we wanted in an automatic. We ended up getting an awesome deal. The previous owners had the car for about a month and quickly realized that it was no easy task getting in and out of a Miata when you're pushing 60. The dealer also gave us a great deal on the altima. We made the most of the trip by driving a little farther down the road to Asheville to meet up with a college buddy of mine for a quick bite to eat. All in all it was a successful road trip.

Now, two years later we've decided to trade in the old gal for a new one. WHAT? Who in their right mind would get rid of a perfectly good, nothing wrong with (minus the fact that she needs new tires) 2007 Mazda Miata? I love that car. When the DH suggested we trade in the Miata for a new car I thought he was crazy. But, in tride and true fashion, he quickly showed me the light. For less than $20 a month more, I can get a brand new, better model Miata! Sign me up. So, bright and early tomorrow morning, the DH and I are headed to Columbia, SC to pick up the next new addition to the family. I'm very excited to be getting a new car and even more excited because we haven't told any of our friends about it! The new Miata is the exact same color as the old Miata, so it might take a while for our friends to notice. The DH has pretty much taken care of making sure we know everything we need to know before we go down there. We've never bought a car out of state before, so that might cause some confusion. He pretty much filled out the loan application for me, called the insurance company, and the DMV. All that's left is for me to call the loan company I use for the current Miata to figure out how the trade-in will all work, and to make sure I have the appropriate account information with me when we go down to SC.

Ahh...yet another exciting adventure!

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