Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Sweet Friend

The DH and I apparently decided to take our vacations at the very end of summer this year, but that still doesn't excuse my absence. Work is crazy with a capital C these days, not to mention all the family drama we've been through in the past 5 months - 4 funerals in all. Sheesh! But I'm not letting funerals or work get me down or get in the way of having a little fun.

Which brings me to this card!! First, I'd like to say that I LOVE this sketch I used from the Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge 83. And the sample card is pretty much to die for. Love the color combo used. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to try it.
This Labor Day holiday will be spent with all my best girl friends on our annual Girls Night Out beach trip. We've been doing this beach trip every since my bachelorette party, and every year it's proved to be the best vacation of the year. We usually drive down to Wilmington and stay at one of the GNO'ers house for a huge sleep over!! Of course hitting the beach while we're there is a must along with having at least one night out on the town. No matter what we end up doing, it's always a blast (esp since there are no boys allowed!!!).

Anyways, as a thank you to our host this year the girls are all pitching in on a gift card, so I made a thank you cart to go along with it. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out too. I'm getting pretty good at making these paper flowers, but I still find it easier to use hot glue to make sure the flowers don't unravel themselves. I'm still not sure if these flowers work well with one sided patterend paper or not. I tried rolling the flower in both directions, and ended up liking the pattern on the inside of the flower instead of the outside.

Anyways, I've linked this one up to The Sweetest Thing's sunday challenge - which I haven't posted to a challenge in almost a month!! Birthday's for family and friends pick up again in the fall, so hopefully I'll be participating in a lot more challenges in the next few months or so. But for now, I'm off to our girls weekend. Although I'll miss the DH ton's, I'm looking forward to haning out with the girls!!!

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