Friday, April 23, 2010

Citrus Flowers

Ever had one of those weeks where you were left with zero energy to do anything fun once the weekend came around? Well, this week was one of those weeks. Before I start blabbing about the boring stuff, how about I show off this super cute card I just made for Jen's Sketch for you to try!

I'm finding it easier and easier to participate in these super fun challenges. And the more I participate, the more I love the cards I create!!! This is the second card I created for my sweet friend I mentioned in my previous post. She needed a graduation card for a friend of hers graduating in early education. I'm not sure if this is what she was looking for, so I might end up making another card before I send them her way. I had envisioned a card a little on the juvenile side with some sweet pastel colors and cute ribbon for the occasion. Either way, I love the colors that I ended up using - so bright and summer-ey!

I can't believe I used three, count that, THREE patterned papers with this card!! Un-heard of in my world! I'm lucky if I end up using one patterned paper and a fancy ribbon, but I finally went for it and used three sheets of patterned paper out of my new DCWV Citrus Stack I bought last week. I am in love with this paper and find myself making excuses to use every piece in this pack. The stamp is from my current favorite collection - the $1 bin at Michael's, along with the ribbon. So - what do you think?

Work has been pretty crazy lately. I know I haven't really talked much about work other than that trip the DH and I took to Cali in January. I promise I'll get to it since I really do love my job and dont mind talking about it at all. But with the addition of a few new items at work, the soon approaching move to the new house, and a few random life altering events going on, I've found myself longing for a vacation away from everything these days. But alas - I can't escape my life just quite yet; maybe after we're all settled in the new house. After all, the mark to celebrate 3 years of wedded bliss is quickly approaching and even though we won't be celebrating it on the exact day this year (which will be the day after move-in day), maybe we'll be able to take a vacation of some sort shortly after to celebrate our anniversary along with the addition of our new home.

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