Thursday, April 15, 2010

Double Duty

Lately I've been making a ton of baby cards, and I think it's about time I invested in another 'baby' stamp! I haven't quite decided who this one is going to yet, my cousin or one of my best friend's sister. Lucky for me they are both having boys, but either way I'll still have to make a second card! No prob-lem-o!!!
I made this card for the TCP Tuesday blog hop, and Jen's Sketch for you to try. Two birds, one stone. Yay me! This one was pretty easy, except for cutting out my oval (and that horridly crooked bow). Now that 1/2 of our belongings are packed, I can't seem to locate my cutting mat I use to make cards on. I ended up resorting to using the lid to a Rubbermaid container, which hasn't worked in my favor yet. I really like the pattern Jen came up with, and anticipate using it again!

In House News: The closing date for our townhouse has been pushed back a month!!! It makes me a little nervous, but at the same time I'm super happy that we won't be homeless for a month now, but instead only a weekend. There are so many other positives to the later townhouse closing date like more time to pack, and less $$ spent on a storage unit but I feel like I'll be a nervous nelly up until we're officially closed on the townhouse. Well, cross your fingers!

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