Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Birthday and Our Baseball Life...

At this time right now, the DH and I are probably already sweating our bum's off loading up all of our worldly possessions into the U-Haul truck. No, I'm not taking a break from packing to post on the ole' blog; this post was scheduled last week remember? Eh - who cares if you do or don't. Anyways, I'm sure we're having a blast by now and hopefully we haven't had any arguments yet!!
Here's a fresh birthday card I created back in April for a good friend and mom from the DH's little league baseball team. More on that later. I feel sure I used some old sketch challenge for this one, but I can't for the life of me remember which one it was now. My image and sentiment stamps are both from my favorite birthday stamp set - 'You take the Cake' from My Favorite Things. I did a little paper piecing with my stacked presents, which wasn't really easy. One of these days I'll invest in a few Copic markers so my images can really shine!

So a few years ago a friend of ours approached my DH and asked if he'd like to help out at his son's baseball practice. Marshall played baseball for a good number of years as a child, and we're definitely a baseball family so I knew this would be fun for him. Marshall must have really enjoyed that first practice he helped out with, because he's been an assistant coach ever since! Shortly after the first season, our friend asked if I'd be willing to help out by scoring the games now that the kids were getting a little older and he wanted to track how they were doing. Timid at first? Yes I was. This was a big responsibility. I've never scored a baseball game, in fact, I didn't know baseball games had such a thing as an 'official score keeper'! I didn't even know all of the rules (we grew up playing soccer and swimming so baseball was pretty much a brand new sport for me)!! Needless to say I had no idea how this responsibility was going to go. To make a long story short I've now become the official team score keeper for spring and fall baseball season. For some reason I've also become the go-to person for the parents on the team when it comes to the rules of the league. I have to say I certainly don't hate it - I really do enjoy watching my DH interact with the kids teaching them how to be a better baseball player. And we've made a few friends along the way. It certainly will be sad when our friend's son get's too old to play in the rec league...I have no idea what we'll do with our spring and fall nights when that time comes!

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