Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I was so happy to be able to get some card's made this weekend - although I do still have a few more I didn't get to before the big move! Here is one of my Mother's Day cards I made using
Jen's Sketch for you to try! Man does she come up with some fun sketches!
I fell in love with this ribbon the moment I spotted it across the room. It's so bright and vibrant that I knew I'd have to design a card around it! So - what do you think? I have to admit, I haven't quite perfected my use of glitter just yet. I started using glitter when I made my sister-in-law's baby shower invites last year. I also used a little bit of glitter on some of my x-mas cards this past season, but I'm still a little afraid of it. I think the main issue I have with glitter is that I just can't quite get it to stay in place. For this card after I stamped my image and sprinkled on the glitter I actually sprayed the whole thing with hair spray thinking that might keep the glitter from falling off when you touch it. All the hair spray managed to do was to warp my card stock. Since I'm still a card making novice, I really need some advice on what product I should be using with glitter. It's probably too late to save this card, but since I just bought a bunch of blue glitter I'd like to be able to correctly use it sometime in the near future!!!

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